Making an Impact

First Citizens Bank is bringing Banzai, a premium online financial literacy program, to educators and students in your area for free.





Teaching real-world
financial literacy

Backed by First Citizens Bank, Banzai teaches students to navigate adult financial dilemmas with real-life scenarios.

It's about more than money

First Citizens Bank is smart about business. But supporting financial literacy is more than good business—it's about giving back. It's about giving young people a gift that will last forever.

Let's build a better future. Together.

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Meeting an
unfunded mandate

Teachers around the country are scrambling to meet state literacy requirements—with little to no financial help. First Citizens Bank is helping fill that gap with cutting-edge software, interactive classroom materials, and professional presentations.

There is no doubt in my mind that when students use technology to learn, it becomes fun, and Banzai is exactly that!!
Extremely Fun Teacher

Banzai helped me realize how to manage my money with different choices and made me realize which choices are smart ones!
Enamored Student

One thing I learned is that it pays off to do good and be smart about the future! Get insurance, donate to charity!
Enthused Student

Every day my students ask, "When is the next time we will use Banzai?"
Very Credible Teacher

Modernizing the classroom

Schools are changing rapidly. More students take laptops or tablets home, instead of textbooks, than ever before. Banzai is not only a modern financial literacy platform-available on desktops and tablets-it's memorable and interactive.

Learn more about Banzai

Over 80,000 teachers in all fifty states use Banzai to teach students how to manage their money. Click here to learn more about Banzai's premium online financial literacy program.